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We offer both mobile and in shop service.  All of our static ADAS calibrations must be done in shop, but unlike other competitors - we will pick up the vehilce and bring it to the shop for you!  If your vehicle requires a dynamic calibration we can do that at your location at the time of installation.  If it rains we can still replace your glass in our shop. 


We understand! Having a broken window in your vehicle isn't just a safety concern - IT'S A PROBLEM!! Rest assured the Team at River City Glass will get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Windshield Replacement

Myth: Windshield replacements are just cut out the old window and glue in a new one.

Fact: Many Auto Glass Technicians take shortcuts.  They don't remove your cowl and don't properly prepare the mating surfaces to ensure a safe, leak free installation.  Properly preparing the pinch weld is a vital step in the replacement process.

Today's windshields are equip with many electronics and ADAS capabilities that require specialized tools to ensure precise recalibration.

Properly installing the rain sensor of your vehicle ensures that your automatic windshield wipers continue to function properly during wet conditions.


What Is ADAS? And Why Should I Recalibrate?

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is becoming standard equipment on today’s new vehicles. These systems are designed to assist drivers to prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images or by taking instantaneous control of the vehicle. We use special tools and equipment to recalibrate your systems with millimeter precision.

Essential safety-critical ADAS applications include:

  • Pedestrian detection/avoidance

  • Lane departure warning/correction

  • Traffic sign recognition

  • Automatic emergency

If your vehicle is equip with ADAS functionality, recalibration is required when replacing the windshield or even just removing the camera.  If the camera angle is off by a few degrees, this could result in your brake assist or collision avoidance system to not work as intended.  Lets say you're supposed to have 100 feet for stopping space but your camera angle is off resulting in the only having 60 feet.  This would lead to your vehicle's computer system to not brake soon enough and cause a collision with the car/motorcycle or pedestrian in your line of travel.  It's crucial that proper recalibration is done to ensure proper operations of your vehicle's safety features.



Rock Chip Repairs

We offer rock chip repairs as long as there are no "fingers" or cracks coming off of the chip longer than 1 inch.  If the cracks are larger that than replacement of the windshield is recommended.  We drill into your rock chip and inject it with a resin that cures with UV light.  This is different from the cheap methods found on amazon that don't work (from reviews we have heard from customers).  What's great about you having us fill your rock chips for you is that if it does crack later - we take that off of the cost of replacement!  You can rest assured your vehicle will be serviced with the highest level of care and craftsmanship every time.


Window Motor and Regulator

Power windows are a wonderful thing when they work.  If your power window no longer works there could be a number of issues that are causing it such as: bad/weak circuit ground, blown fuse, bad motor, bad switch, or any wiring in between.  Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose these problems and get your window working as it should again.

If your window has fallen off the track you most likely have a broken regulator.  There are other causes for this but we see this to be the problem most of the time.  Schedule and appointment today and we can come and diagnose your problem for you on site.


Door and Back Glass

Accidents happen.  When these windows break it's typically vandalism or accidents.  We make sure we can get out to you same day or next day so that you don't get rain/water in and on your vehicle's electrical system.  Also, we don't want thieves taking your personal belongings.  Give us a call or use our instant web quote tool tool so we can get you scheduled at your earliest convenience. 

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